Eileen McCann - Original Pastel Art


Artist Statement

"It seems as though there has always been a love of landscapes inside of me. As a child I spent endless hours outside - in the woods, on the lake, in the dirt, in the ocean, in the trees, - experiencing the earthy feel of nature. It was when I felt most connected, most my Self. In our techno/ fragmented world, filled with too much concrete and visual noise, I am drawn to create images which may serve as resting places for my harried soul.

A decade ago, I began experimenting with pastels and fell in love with them. Pastel is a very honest medium. It's as close to pure pigment as you can get. It allows for immediate access to beautiful colors which can be laid down layer upon layer in a very direct way. For me, it feels like I'm playing with colored dirt, and I'm connected back to my childhood.

As both a professional psychotherapist and artist, I have become interested in the similarities between creating images with pastels and the process of psychotherapy. Both processes involve a building upon what was laid down previously, of finding ways to integrate disparate parts, whether it is with colors and shapes, or memories and past experiences, until there is a sense of balance. Both are about perception, intuition and understanding what it is we are trying to create or express."

- Eileen McCann